Our Story

“You never step backwards when you’re sure of where you’re going.”

Meet Our Founder - Mike

Years ago, Mike was an Overweight drunk college kid. Insecure and miserable with how his life was going while also battling heavily with depression, Mike needed something to turn to. This "back against the wall" period of life led him to discover personal development and spirituality which inevitably led him to where he is today. Mike went from overweight waiting tables in a mall to Inspiring and coaching others through social media while living out his dream of Modeling professionally in the Los Angeles area all within 2 years time. He Credits his success to the understanding that we are at all times emotional beings and if you can get yourself to enjoy the process of life and feel how you want to feel on a consistent basis, your world will turn to gold. 

Meet Our Founder - Erik

Erik spent a large part of his life living for other people’s happiness, always hiding his true self. By suppressing his emotions and not expressing his true self, he became depressed. Once a star athlete who had every opportunity for success, he became depressed and very good at faking a smile. This led to years of depression, drug and alcohol abuse, and even near suicide. His life completely changed when he turned to personal development and inner emotional work. He made it a mission to turn his life around. It worked. He started to love himself for who he was and did what made him happy. By changing the way he felt every day, the results in his life shifted. He went from broke and waiting tables, to a 6-figure job in a matter of months. Erik believes that the human potential is unlimited and when you can master your mind, you master your life.

Create Your Reality!

Together, and with the help of the amazing team around them, Mike and Erik aim to Inspire, Coach, Motivate and Educate the masses on the power of Human potential. It is through the understanding of emotions, energy and our higher faculties that give way to the molding of reality.

We truly believe that We Create Our Reality. Our range of products is created for everyone who shares our philosophy and is inspired to do rather than observe.

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